Intellectual Property and Business Attorneys in San Francisco and Silicon Valley area.

Antero & Tormey provides complete intellectual property protection to new and existing businesses in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area.  Besides intellectual property rights, our practice includes all aspects of a business venture such as how to patent new inventions, venture capital and angel and startup funding.

As intellectual property attorneys we counsel clients on patent law, trademark law, trade secret law and copyright law. Once informed with an understanding of the applicable law, we prepare and file for the strongest available intellectual property protection and provide product and technology licensing.


Intellectual Property

Entrepreneurship – We provide counsel for new business and business ventures including corporate formation, S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and partnerships based on new inventions.

Trademarks - We provide filing and representation for trademarks in all industries.

Patents - We provide counsel for protecting inventions at every step of the patent prosecution including litigation support.

Licensing - We provide consulting and license drafting for IP and trade secrets.

Copyright - We provide counsel for all aspects of copyright and other protection for creative content such as music, videos, and books. Read our article to learn more about How to Copyright.


Business Formation & Transactions

Contracts - We draft various types of contracts as well as assist in negotiating and closing deals involving sales, leases, investments and financing.

Business Formation - We counsel entrepreneurs and businesses in forming the most appropriate legal entities or legal vehicles to establish under the situation to best protect their interests.

Franchising – We prepare and file franchise disclosure agreements and counsel franchisees and franchisors on the legal aspects of a franchise operation.

Financial Services - We provide legal counsel to investment companies or investors, lenders or borrowers, and insurers or insureds regarding various issues surrounding investment, finance, insurance and real estate law.


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