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Our portfolio of Biochemical and Chemical patents includes chemical and biological technologies, such as formulations, biologics, methods, and processes relating to food, drugs and EPA registered products.



One client has developed a range of programmable molecular imprinted polymers (MIPs) that have modified binding site kinetics for target imprintable entities (TIEs) that operate to control the adsorption, binding, release and equilibrium distribution of materials – useful for the controlled adsorption, controlled release and control of concentrations of such materials in select media.

Programmable Catch & Release Systems

One consumer application is the use of fiber-based MIPs to selectively decaffeinate coffee without absorbing any other flavoring or sensory molecules thus preserving consumer desirable attributes such as color, taste and smell that other decaffeination techniques alter.

MIP  Fiber Decaffeination Systems


Faster and more efficient antimicrobial efficacy using synergistically enhanced bimodal quaternary cationic biocides with hydrogen peroxide compositions that provide broader spectrum activity and shorter contact times to disinfect and sanitize hard surfaces in homes, daycare, nursing and hospital environments.

SpectraShield Technologies 


With increasing investigation into the health benefits of Cannabis extracts, one client has developed improved isolation and extraction processes that separate beneficial cannabinoids and other non-psychoactive essential oils for use in formulating edible and topical medicants to treat a wide range of responsive medical conditions naturally.

Folium Biosciences


Dietary supplements to prevent musculoskeletal distress degeneration following heavy physical activity or trauma is a specialty area of personal care products offered by one client who has discovered an inventive source and novel method of processing native Type II collagen into synergistic complexes with essential trace metal elements.

Musculoskeletal Supplements


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