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Our portfolio of Electronic Arts runs the whole range from Internet of Things (IoT) to software-powered cloud computing. Listed here are some patents we’ve procured for our clients for the new technologies driving innovation.



Our client produces instrumentation use to measure atmospheric conditions. One cutting edge technology uses microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to measure small particles found high in the earth’s atmosphere. These particles are trapped and senses with a MEMs based electrometer.

Aerosol Ionizer


Wi-Fi is a highly directional, generally low-power communications systems that relies on small omni-directional antennas. Designing Wi-Fi antennas for long range communications requires solid antenna fundamentals and creativity. We helped our client receive multiple patents on a family of commercially successful Wi-Fi antennas.

Representative patents: Antenna System and Method



In the early stages of cloud computing our client realized that tools to manage remotely located data centers would be required to allow for smooth data center operation as a single entity and to provide relatively seamless integration of servers from multiple online web services. We acquired patents to protect the process and tools for our client.   

System and Method for Cloud Computing



Wireless communications, because of their narrow bandwidth, require efficient operation to maximize throughput. This can be accomplished using smart transfer protocols to increase the efficiency of the system. Our client developed a means where both the base station and the remote station transmit at the same type and they use propagation delay as a means to multiplex the network. We acquired several patents covering different aspects of this technology. 

Wireless Network Communication System and Method

Adaptive Synchronous Protocol for Minimizing Latency in TDD Systems



Our client, an award winning lighting system designer and manufacturer, creates novel artistic lighting for commercial spaces such as offices and libraries. One factor in lighting design is efficiency, not just energy efficiency, but efficiency through the entire design and installation process. Our client invented modular lighting that provides designers with a family of options for creating the best design and for providing power to that lighting through advanced technologies tied to energy efficient controllers. 

Circuit Board Connector System

System to Allocate Luminance

Luminaire System and Method