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Startup Equity – Slicing the Pie

Slicing the Pie

Pete Tormey is interviewed about the important financial decisions that startup founders face when slicing the pie on startup equity.

Listen to Pete’s interview about slicing the equity pie


Clients in the News

OpenVPN logo

Francis Dinha, OpenVPN, Inc., writes about fake phone security alerts which can dupe the unsuspecting into installing scam software.  If you are unfamiliar with OpenVPN, it’s a great tool for keeping your ISP out of your business.

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Dick Pool, President of Pro-Troll Fishing Products is an expert on wild salmon and California’s seemingly perpetual water crises.  This article shows his work at the Golden Gate Salmon Association.



Partner News

Our partners at the Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator graduated the first Accelerator class. We are pleased to be part of the team bringing data science to fruition. You can see learn about the cohort here: https://briia.io/alumni


economyWorth Reading

America’s economy is built on creativity, but Protecting intellectual property in America is harder than ever.

Find out why


US Patent Pie Cutter

US Patent 10/210,310 Pie cutter
image source: https://www.google.com/patents/US7913396


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