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Small Business Insurance

Startup AdviseA reoccurring question business attorneys often receive after helping a new business owner with their initial formation is, “What type of insurance do I need?”

Regardless of what business you are in, there are a few types of policies that a new business owner should know about to best protect your new business.

What type of insurance do I need?

We are growing!

Michael KasinMichael Kasin has joined our team!

Michael’s focus will be business formations and intellectual property. He will also counsel clients on various issues related to formation and governance, regulation, litigation, compliance and risk management, transactions, supervision, Cybersecurity and privacy.



Clients in the News

Alignable Announces The Most Trusted Small Businesses Brands in 2018

Alignable recently launched the latest results of their SMB Trust Index to kick off 2018. See which brands are the most trusted amongst SMB winners, in addition to category leaders!



New Product Launches

Introducing their new 2018 product catalog of highly refined phytocannabinoids and CBD extracts



Partner News

Our partners at the Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator graduated the first Accelerator class. We are pleased to be part of the team bringing data science to fruition. You can see learn about the cohort here: https://briia.io/alumni


economyWorth Reading

When Co-Inventors Fail to Cooperate – Nobody Gets a Patent

This is an interesting article. It provides a case that is obviously a business failure. The pair of inventors had an interesting idea, but because they could-not cooperate neither get the patent.

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US Patent US5718161A Beer Brewing System and Method


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