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Entrepreneur in You

We are pleased to present The Entrepreneur in You video series by our associate Mike Kasin. This fascinating series of interviews with many successful entrepreneurs gives insight and value that make successful companies. If you are planning to start a business or have one and want to grow it, then these videos are worth your time to watch.

Advice for commercializing your idea from a Patent Attorney with 30 years of experience

How to sell your product on Amazon through branding and marketing

How to market your product and protect it with a patent attorney

Joe “Badger” Maisel – Inventor & founder of JOEBOTICS Inc.

From Electrician to CEO

Intellectual Property Attorney discusses how to get our concept to fruition


A venture capitalist and author of The Parallel Entrepreneur

Financial issues for startups from DVC professor Linda Tran

President of Ramar Foods discusses the 5Ps of marketing