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    Welcome to Antero • Tormey & Petrin

    We are a business law firm with an emphasis on acquiring and protecting Intellectual Property. We have a broad range of experience in both law and business, and we use that experience to provide value to our clients. We counsel clients on all aspects of business startups, transactions, licensing, and litigation. Our multidisciplinary teams allow us to offer counsel on complex business and legal issues—helping clients take greater advantage of new opportunities and to limit risk.
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    Why we are different

    Integrity. We use the law, sound judgment and good conscience as tools in finding solutions to our clients’ issues and concerns. We do not compromise these in satisfying our clients’ interests.

    Quality. We are driven not only at serving our clients well but also at ensuring that the service we provide withstands legal and professional scrutiny. We work hard to do things right.

    Service. We believe that above all else, lawyering is first and foremost, a noble profession. Our main goal is to build relationships for life.

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Attorneys from Antero & Tormey are available to meet with your team or present for your business group about all the legal options for protecting IP and the affect that IP law has on emerging technologies.

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We counsel on all issues of patenting, protecting IP, and business startups. Contact us to see how we can help your business thrive.

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